Friday, December 17, 2010

Cabled Christmas Ornaments

Mission Falls 1824 Wool: no likey for this project

I saw the pattern for this Cabled Globe Ornament last year, and knew it would make a perfect gift for dear boyfriend's mom. Then I fell down some stairs while looking for a really big broom and broke both my arms. Shoot ahead a year and I'm back in the saddle!  The first version I made was with Mission Falls 1824 Wool, and it was not a pleasure. If you opt for this yarn, I suggest you try 4.5mm needles, I did not enjoy 4mm, the yarn was a bit too stiff.  

I tried again with Malabrigo Merino Worsted and it was divine!  I highly recommend it for this project.  I also have a couple of suggestions regarding the pattern:
  1. After casting on do not pull tight. you will stuff through this hole.
  2. At the end, before fastening off, leave a very long tail, and crochet the rope for the top - the twisted cord is a big pain and hard to sew in. then sew the other end of the rope down.
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