Saturday, December 13, 2008

things we've been knitting & crocheting

things we've been knitting & crocheting

my mind has been all over the place lately and i'm having a hard time keeping any single project on my needles. i am especially indifferent towards sweaters and have been sticking to small projects.

mnspun hat by you.
Manspun Hat (in Kahki Pants)
I wrote the pattern, it will be available soon!

minkim by you.
MinKim organic Baby Sweater (in Alder)
Liane made up this one as a store sample.
The yarn is really nice and soft and is naturally dyed!

bubbly by you.
A puffy stitched necky thingy for sale at Scratch
made from Lamb's Pride Bulky in Persian peacock 124 (2 skeins). I'm hand felting it a bit in the sink, hopefully it will not backfire!

scarfy 3 by you.
Another necky thingy for sale at
made with Estelle Woolly Bully colour 919

Gretel from Verena fall 2008 is our next store project
Liane is working on the smallest size of this
great sweater (sans flower applique) in
Mission Falls 136 (their new DK weight wool)
in colour 536 Aster, a pretty sky blue.

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