Friday, December 12, 2008

Garnstudio Freebies

Garnstudio's always good for good freebies!  Plus, they have pictures of their Spring 2009 lineup and you get to VOTE on them!

The Stripe up the Front Hat from Fall 2007 Prada. Last year I tired on one of the Prada hats at Holt Renfrew and they were made of some kind of textile akin to fiberglass. Look, this is not a case of fibre snobbery, the thing seriously looked like it was made from a plied verion of that fluffy pink insulation in your attic, you know the stuff that looks like cotton candy and feels like Ouch. Sure, a lot of ready to wear sweaters these days are made of crap acrylicy textiles, but it espescially pisses me off when they do that with the high end p[roducts. 2 months ago i visited the Hugo Boss store in Yorkville (they were very nice to me, great sale staff!) to admire their fall sweaters and I was super disappointed to find that garments that cost half my rent were made from dreck.  Bringing things back to the hat, this is definitely a case of handmade being superior to runway.

Racer Hat

As an aside, Vogue Knitting also published a take on Prada's hat (also a free pattern), but theirs looks shoddy, seems small and involves seaming (blech).

An Interesting Shaped Jacket (according to the schematic it is not asymmetrical). Sometimes you need something different to keep you occupied.

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