Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stitch 'n Pics
my photos from stitch n pitch are paltry. i was so busy running around doing things for the event that i wasn't able to get many shots. if you have some nice ones from the even please send them to me!

down on the field, getting ready to present the mascot, Ace, with the big toque. i think this guy's name was oliver, he works for the jays and was escorting some pre-teens from YTV's reality show The Next Star to sing the national anthem. but they didn't actually sing and they weren't real kids. they were all professionally groomed, makeup, clothes, hair, the works.

shelna & laura after the game

people milling around after the game

Me & Laura: it was pretty hot in rogers centre, we were glistening by the end of the game

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