Saturday, August 02, 2008


I got a spool knitting machine on tuesday. i figured it might be a fun little gadget to play around with, see how they work, if they are worth buying for the store. i got the prym (made in germany by inox), just like the Caron/Bond America "Cool Corder". it's ok, kinda fussy but i don't know if it is the species or the genus. i don't think i would bother getting one to replace making i-cord by hand, unless you are making a big art project in icord. it is definitely for the artisinal knitter, the creative non-pattern-following type. it seems to work best with fingering weight yarn, so i've been practicing with some merino sock yarn scraps. i haven't tried it with sport weight yet, but it may be too thick.

the singer spool knitting machine looks like it could bet better

i want to join them and knit something up. unfortunately i've run out of scraps, so i'm out out a request ... if you don't want your bits & bobs please give them to me and i will provide them with a great home! i know, i own a yarn store, but i don't have that many scraps lying around, and I've already finished off what I did have.

mmmm, ropey. technically the yarn that is made from the spool tool is called a 'chainette'.

after the merino i thought maybe i'd try the noro sock yarn since it isn't selling great (too itchy). the noro is not ideal on it, it definitetely needs something slippery. the yarn is sticking on itself and making the tension of the feed difficult and slower.
And I'm making a toque of Ace, the Blue Jays' mascot.

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