Friday, January 25, 2008


Misti Alpaca Cosmopolitan Sweater Jacket
this was a very lucky freebie because i thought for sure it was going to be a pay pattern. plus, i've actually seen it in the flesh (or fibre?) it was REALLY nice! we might just have to knit a store sample!

i found these gems in a pile of rowan rejects:

  • Adele 3/4 gloves
  • Hardy cool zip-up cardigan (biker jacket style)
  • Cara pocket handbag

i love surveys, quizzes, etc:
choose knitting daily's next free pattern

i added a ravelry button to the blog, it links to me. if you want to find me and you are logged in. if you aren't on ravelry yet you should be, it's great!

my third shot at a play house for pluto. don't be deceived by the picture, she didn't spend for than 30 seconds in there.

the cold weather has motivated me to get back to my mismatched scrap socks.

i've started knitting a turtleneck from lopi book 24 with jo sharp silk road aran tweed in ivy, size medium (their sizing is pretty large).

i'm pretty happy so far. i don't like yoke necks, i'm going to do saddle shoulders. the stitch markers are a technique i use to keep track of my increases and decreases. i use them initially to see how many more incs/decs i need to make, how many rows from my last inc/dec. i'll keep them in so that when i knit the other arm it will be the same as the first.

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