Friday, January 04, 2008


sooooo, what i've accomplished lately ...

i finished katie's hannukah hat!

i finished my dad's hannukah hat! all my hannukah gifts are finished! i wrote & published the pattern for the men's metrosexual toque too (see below).

i'm currently working on designing a cabled beret for michelle. i've also put adise some sock yarn to make knee stockings for myself for utilitarian purposes (looking forward to wearing them with rubber boots!). getting ready to cast on for a winter sweater, an alpaca turtleneck. i think there is also something else lingering in my knitting bag ... i think the sunrise hat in a solid colour. other things are milling around in the back of my mind ..... i have to get back to the babette blanket but i've been warmer this winter than i had expected ;-) maybe the book i'm working on should be titled '100 hats and a spouse'