Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A last minute knitted gift ... shelna's wedding is creeping up. at her shower last weekend i asked if she'd like me to make her a shrug just in case her own efforts don't come together. so i' make the "Good Bias" shrug from spring 2005 interweave knits in nashua natural focus ecologie cotton in color 84. the yarn is finer than called for but i intend to stretch it out in blocking. i think it'll be a really nice wedding gift, she'll be able to wear part of her wedding gear for the rest of her life.

i'm really bad at finishing things in a timely manner, much less to deadline, so i've worked it out and i have to knit 6 pattern repeats or 18 rows every day to get it done 2 days before the wedding. i was helping my bro with his renovations yesterday (the paint colours i chose are right on, really nice) and didn't get my quota done but i did double the day before, so i'm still on track. the stitch marker shows the daily work.

my brother swears that he is not looking to get married, but all of his friends are doing it and the subject keeps popping up in conversation. i think maybe i should start working on their wedding gift.

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