Thursday, August 25, 2005

dutch dreams

dutch hat
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this will be the next store project, also IRO, muy enjoyment!

a funny thing just happened ....
a man called the store and said "hi" in a familiar manner. i didn't recognize his voice so I asked who it was;
- "your slave"
I don't remeber hiring a slave, let alone owning one; I can't even afford my car. so i asked;
- "um, i'm not sure who you are" assuming it must be a friend or a beau joking around.
- "your submissive slave" he replied. Ahhh, I'm extra clued out now. If I was into submissive men i suspect i'd have been married many years ago.
- "I'm your sumbissive slave, I'll do anything you want." lightbulb! still no clue who this is, but if i had a sumissive slave i'd ....
- "would you like to clean the store and stock yarn?"
He consented but was really more intersted in my feet. He asked if he could help the customers and i thought maybe not, he doesn't really know much about yarn.

personally, I think it was a poor sales pitch, unprofessional. I'm more comfortable with an upfront approach like;
"Hi, I'm a submisive slave looking for a benevolent mistress with great shoes. I specialize in cleaning, laundry and give professional pedicures, all in exchange for the very low price of adoring your feet."

.... it could make for an interesting hybrid-business! :-)

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