Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Blackout Festival In Kensington Market August 14th!

samba elegua night Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
Sun August 14th: Fire - Blackout Festival / Kensington Unplugged Time: 12 noon - 6pm (until 10pm on North Augusta) Streets: Augusta, Baldwin and Kensington This is definitely be there of be square event. And how did I find out? let me spin you a yarn ..... i was napping last sunday evening after retruning home from sailing. I don't know why, but relaxing all afternoon is very draining. I even took a nice long nap with my favorite 2 year old belowdecks (i was the only dispensible body who could stomach being below for the compulsory nap inducing snuggle) anyway, i'm napping in the early evening and i wake to the sound of TAMBOURINES. tambourines? i only know one person who plays the tambourine. i felt like sleeping beauty awakening to the rhythms of prince percussion. i throw on some clothes and run downstairs and there's no tambourine, but i hear DRUMS! lots of drums. I only know one person who plays lots of drums, the same person who plays the tambourine, but i've never heard it from my house. the pied pipe is calling. i jump in the car and follow the sound down to u of t, and low and behold there is a SAMBA ORCHESTRA playing drums and tambourines on the lawn in front of Hart House! So i stayed to watch (always with knitting). They were practicing for the upcoming street festival in kensington market, and they're damn good! they are SAMBA ELEGUA and apparently anyone can join. it's like an equal opportunity samba band. and if you don't have any rhythm, that's ok, they'll teach you (or put up with you until you learn). coolio. when the lights went out in 2003 i was in the air making my way to vangroovy, but from what i gather this party is going to be a great big fiesta, a bacchanal of costumes and dancing and partying outside. in short, a menagerie. and if you know me you know how much i love a menagerie!

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