Tuesday, June 21, 2005

chiara redux

chiara redux2
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Redux Mode.

Did a bit of plastic surgery on this little filly. Without much fear or comprehension I committed my first steek and cut the sweater open like a chicken! picked up a lot of stitches and replaced all the trim with a wide Ivory rib in the same yarn and added some bone buttons, also ivory coloured.

the work was low on the enjoyment level (except for the steek, that was fun, love the crunchy feel of cutting crisp yarn) but it was high on satisfacunanticipated bonus, the pattern in the sweater looks a little bit like a chanel sweater/jacket.

lessons learned:
- do the steek on a sewing machine or learn how to do the crochet method properly.
- steek in mathcing colour so it will not show through afterwards and you can wear the sweater open without having an ungodly looking scar on the inside of the garment
- cover steek scar with gross grain ribbon?
- plan to have garment finished at least a week before the event it is being worn for. otherwise, go to 'Ends' and pick up something else to wear.

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Chelle said...

Wow! Are you brave! The finished Cardigan is beautiful, Haley!