Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Cottage Project: Leafy Face Cloth

I like the idea of quick & easy little projects in the summer, like face cloths and towels. You can make them for yourself or give them away later as little gifts (for a cutie, wrap a nice soap in the cloth and tie it up with a ribbon).  We've been posting a project idea every day our Facebook Page

Above is a fun one I wanted to try, a free patern for a Leaf Cloth. It was easy, clearly written, and fee. It uses short-rows, but because it is knit in garter stitch you don't have to pick up the wraps afterwards (if you aren't familiar with the short row technique this sentence will likely sound like gibberish to you, but it roughly translates as "makes life easier").  The project isn't for absolute beginners, but if you are an intermediate or advanced beginner, or want to learn a few new skills, it's great. 

Anyway, it was fun and I love the idea of making a few of them in a different shades of green.  I used Berroco Weekend, a nice, affordable, and machine washable cotton/synthetic blend. You can make at least 2 leafy cloths from 1 skein, possibly 3 (I'll have to weigh the cloth and see how much yarn it used, I'll get back to you via an update to this post). 

Definitely a great cottage project!

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