Friday, March 12, 2010

Shawlette in Noro Furin

Last week I took the new Noro Furin for a test-drive on a shawlette. Thus, I present a photo-essay: Furin a la Shawlette.

noro furin by you.
Photo 1: Starting Out
So far the yarn feels nice, it knits well, it looks nice. the only problem is figuring out what to make. A shawlette seemed like a good option for spring. March is so sneaky, spring always starts with a happy, sunny week, and then it transitions into it's true nature: overcast, rainy, and chilly. It must have read "The Rules".

furin midway by you.
Photo 2: Mid-Way
The Furin gets a Thumbs Up! It's knitting really easily and pleasurably! It's so light and comfortable for a cotton, a real dream. plus it's purty! when it's knitted you don't see the binding thread (it was one of my quiet concerns, those binders can be fugly). Additionally, it knits up with these little nubs of binder every once in a while (the little green & pink spots in the picture). i know what you are thinking, "ewwww ... tacky 80's yarn"- but please suspend judgement and believe me. the nubbins look really cool and give the finished textile a little extra somethin' without looking like a 'feature'.

furin closeup by you.
Photo 3: Over-exposed Closeup
Here's a closeup of the final product.The surface texture a casual kind of aesthetic.

furin pinned by you.
Photo 4: Finito!
All done! It only took about 1 week. My hands have been speeding up but I didn't knock myself out to get this done.

furin draped by you.
Photo 5: Au Natural
The pattern was improvised, I'll type it up and make it available on Ravelry.

furin tied by you.
Photo 6: Daisy Duke
Tee-hee! Get it? It's tied like Daisy Duke's shirt, albeit with substantially less boobage.

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