Saturday, February 27, 2010

Groovy Jacket

Our Groovy Kids Jacket is finished! I sewed the zipper in yesterday and it looks wonderful (if i don't say so myself). I used the zipper instructions from Interweave Knits/Knitting Daily, and they were pretty good. The only thing I found is that in an attempt to do it just as the instructions described I sewed the teeth too close to the yarn. In the 3rd step it says "with matching sewing thread, sew knitted fabric close to teeth." In practice, I think you can sew the edge 1/4 inch from the teeth. I would also prefer a zipper with plastic teeth, but the fabric store (Mac Fab) didn't have much stock because they are moving. I need to get more matching thread (bought the wrong colour), after that I'll give it another go. The zipper pull is an old thing I hand hanging around the store.

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