Friday, January 15, 2010

good news! i got my cast off!

good news!  i got my cast off! bad news ... it hurts to knit. better news, i can crochet a bit!  modestly poopy news, the things i've been working on haven't been working out, so there isn't much to show/off.

my primary project is the slanting stitches hat. i wanted something that is a little 'ninotchka'. i've been using berroco ultra alpaca in a medium heathered grey and a 4mm hook. so far the body of the hat is a really nice stitch that isn't too kitschy because of the yarn's slight halo and the heathered colouring. but the top section is made with a double crochet, which is way too kitsch, so i'm continuing the base stitch all the way up.  i'll have to improvise something for the brim too. i really don't know how this project is going to work or what it will look like, but it's really an exercise in exploring new things.

here's the hat in progress.

for reference, here's a shot of the kooky hat worn by Greta Garbo in the 1939 movie. the movie wasn't really all that fantastic, (3 stars), but it gets marks for hattitude. the premise (for the hat) is that garbo is a stern soviet state employee sent to paris on official business. Melvyn Douglas falls for her and helps loosen her up. in the process, she passes a store window and falls for the rediculously impractical hat (and the guy too).

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