Tuesday, October 06, 2009

projects update

P9300035 by you.

this is our Twinkle by Wenlan Chia Tuxedo Jacket Sweater in Cascade Magnum.  it was put on hold temporarily while we were waiting for our funky-large 15mm double pointed needles for the arms. it'll be back in action next week. the pattern was originally published in 'Twinkle's Big City Knits' but is also available for FREE from the LA Times. the yarn is sooooo soft and lovely! super snuggly for stupid cold, rainy fall weather.

P9300031 by you.

while the magnum tuxedo was on hold we worked on a little cardie in the Malabrigo Chunky. the yarn looks goegeous and knits up beaitfully, but not in this pattern, it has too much body. i ripped it an it we will try again as this jacket with interesting collar. i have not yet told Liane that i ripped it, so lets keep it between us, i will let her know in good time. she will probably roll her eyes :-)


Mary deB said...

Can you comment on the size of the Twinkle sweater? The pattern says: Measurements: Bust: 16 1/2 inches (18 1/2 inches, 20 1/2 inches)

Haley said...

i'll measure tomorrow when it is closer to finished and i've got a better idea about sizing.

wenlan chia isn't exactly generous with sizing in her first book, it was basically a transcription of the designs from her clothing line, Twinkle.

we are making the smallest size because it's for the mannequin for the store, which is about a size 6.

definitely go for one of her larger sizes if your body is human. if you need more space i'd just add sts to the backs and fronts in multiples of 4 (it's a k2 p2 rib).

~ h

Haley said...

the measurements given in the pattern might be for the back? either that or it is for the garment unstretched (it is an accordion in k2p2 rib). it isn't small on the mannequin, but it isn't done yet.

more news soon!


Mary deB said...