Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Able New Camera!

i can has new camera!  my dad, who is camera aficionado, lent me one of his older, lower end digital cameras that he's bored with/out grown. regardless of it's lack luster identity, it is beautiful in my eyes and far exceeds my old camera. poor old camera, it served me well. long live the new camera!  all it needs is a new battery, the old one is recalcitrant and will not hold a charge. i hope it is not too hard to find an Li-ion Ll-10B Battery.

my second dishcloth was finished a little while ago, it's called Pink Floyd!

Liane finished the most recent store project, a bulky shrug/bolero/mini-cardie from knitting pure & simple (286) in Lamb's Pride Bulky (m225 Elderberry wine). It only took 3 skeins, if you wanted to continue the arms it wuold take 4. great little fall project!  The Variegated Lamb's Pride looks great!

This is the project I am working away on this very minute. It is a Rocketry Baby Cardigan in dream in color classy, a smaple for store kits. So far so good! The pattern is basically the Knitting Pure and Simple Baby Cardigan with some colourwork and a change in the edging. I knitted it up until the almost end of the border but had some issued with the way it looked when finished - mostly i knew that cleints would not be pleased with the way the bottom sits when it's done. I revised the pattern it a bit and will put my revised pattern along with the original one in the kits. I also found that my gauge was not the same as theirs, and i am a consistent knitter, so that is updated in my revisions.

I was teaching a client how to make a top-down baby sweater in a private class and figured i'd cast on on for the store too. Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett 6 ply Sock Yarn (5952 Landscape Twilight) , the pattern is just the Knitting Pure and Simple Top-down Baby Cardigan.

i accidentally used needles that are too small! if using this yarn use 4mm needles! i used the 6mo size but because the tension is too tight it fits about 3mo. also, the body of the sweater only needs 100g/250 m of Dk weight yarn, but to match up the colourways for the arms i had to rip into a 3rd.

I actually finished this a week ago but i'm waiting for the yarn to come in for the trim - i ordered some regia 6ply in a contrasting solid colour.

I have also been working on a little bulky weight cardigan for fall based on the pattern above (KPS 286), using Brown Sheep Lanaloft Hand Paint (LL200 Platinum Plum). It will have sleeves and the neck will be wider. The lanaloft is like Lamb's Pride Bulky except without the fuzz/fluff from the mohair. Or a better description would be thinner Burly Spun that knits on a 6.5mm to 8mm needle (this project is on 8mm).

Liane is working on a second Min Kim for the store in the 1824 Cotton Whirl (773 Surf).  So far so cute!  The colourway knits up beautifully!  I love their tone on tones, they work niiiiiice!

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Minding My Own Stitches said...

Wow! You have been busy. And the baby sweaters are gorgeous!