Saturday, February 07, 2009

OMIGOD Freebies

This is an "Omigod, my good friend Rosa is pregnant and I want to make her little knitterly things for the baby!" Freebies posting.

the parameters are that it is a boy and Rosa is a stylin' dweller of NYC

Baby Yoda Sweater - it can be a boy swearter in a dark boy colour and skip the side tie

Vintage Car Coat from Sublime - definitely boy friendly

Lil' Devil Baby Hat - very cute, but aren't you supposed to keep babies away from dangly bits?I mean, if you can't have venetian blinds then

Seed Stitch Jacket - now i know boys wear jackets!

Baby Chullo - could be a good thing for a squirmy baby over the winter.

Skater Hat - Could be cute, as  long as Rosa's husband Steve doesn't hate skaters.

Baby Leggings - all the moms I know have sworn by baby leggings, but all the moms I know have girls. Maybe if I can find a camo coloured yarn ....

  • Jolly Roger Baby Hat - boys can wear dead things for sure. Rosa's husband Steve loves dead things, I think he's dig this hat. But isn't the skully thing a bit stale?

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Nikoleta said...

I LOVE the Vintage Car Coat! My sister is 8 months pregnant, but I'm waiting to see how big she is before I knit something. I'm also really digging the seed stitch coat.