Thursday, May 29, 2008

really cool new canadian online store of handmade goods Good Egg Industries

my faves ...

Doll Shrug
Doll Shrug for the young and the boobless

Brown and Turquoise Vintage Flower Necklace Vintage Spring Flower Necklace
Vintage Flower Necklace Spring Flower Necklace

Stuffed Gnome
Stuffed Gnomes, It's what's for Dinner!

Nesting Doll Greeting Cards
Nesting Doll Greeting Cards ... I don't understand why people say I'm hard to shop for. I mean, seriously, Marushka Dolls! IS there anything better!?

Being Proud as a Peacock Merit Badge
Proud as a Peacock Merit Badge ... there aren't enough post girl-guides, civilian merit badges!

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thanks so much for the love haley!!!