Friday, March 14, 2008

progress on my diversion from the knee socks ....
the colour of the original socks SANG when it was k=worked on 2.5mm in a k3 p1 rib! i couldn't help myself, i ripped them back, reconditioned the yarn, and revised with gusseted heels. but the

mismatched yarn on the top half of the leg wasn't working, the colours were fighting with the original colour, so ripped back, found a purple on the shelf that made a nice contrast and knit up as far as proportions and balance would allow.

but when the purple cuff was done, the foot was out of balance, the toe needed to be purple. the sock was also too long, i was bad and had worked the foot with crinkled yarn, before i reconditioned it, and washed it in eucalan. a surgical intervention was necessary. i removed the orange toe plus a few rows to shorten the foot, put 1/2 the sts on scrap yarn, the other half on a 2mm needle and made a short row toe. then i grafted the toe to the foot and we (me and my sock) lived happily ever after.

by the way, blanacing on a stool while you lean back and stick your feet out and take pictures of them is excellent exercise for your abs. i suggest 3 reps of 10 to 15 pictures.

My First Knee Socks
I'm still into them, i just need a lot of stimulation and once I worked out all the kinks in this pattern i wasn't as psyched. i think i'll use a different increase pattern up the back of the second sock to keep things experimental.
Both of the skeins of ayrn were dyed at the same time but the colours are slightly differernt, the second is a bit brighter in the blue

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