Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm Working On ...

last week when it was really hot and i had a meeting on monday i decided to try out the needful ceramic on a simple shrug. elaborating on glampyre's one skein wonder, i'm adding 3/4 arms. i've almost finished one arm, because, as always, it was not finished by the monday deadline (even if it was i don't think it will look good on me). should i finish it or rip it out? i'll finish it. i hate wasting all that work.

the ceramic shrug strikes a casual pose with della q silk drawstring bag. the ceramic is really slickery! i've had to be REALLY careful about not losing stitches, so i've got point protectors on my needles. i'm making all my decreases with locking stitch markers because ripping back is not an option i want to explore. the ceramic knits ok once i got going. it's fine on the bamboo needles. i had to trim my hangnails and file and snags on may nails to keep them from snagging the yarn. it looks really nice knit up, kinda artsy, stretchy. the true test will be when the temperature climbs again.

my great big green hemp tote! i've found a lace stitch suitable for the body and i'm going at it as fast as i can.

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