Thursday, June 14, 2007

Store Samples

We knitted this Jo Sharp pattern (Knit Magazine issue 2)in Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran Cotton. We made size medium (should fit a 39" to 40" bust) with 8 balls. it was really easy, very comfortable & soft, but unfortunately we didn't check the gauge first and it turned out huge - our bad, ALWAYS check your gauge! Still, i really like it. i'm thinking i might have to make a dress/tunic/beach cover-up on the next go.
the Jo Sharp product shot.
We just finished this Handmaiden origami sweater. Cool construction. I'm inclined to switch off the yarn, it isn't really anything special. that way it can be up-sized too. annnnnnnd .... as i look for the link i notice that it is no longer featured on the Handmaiden website. I guess they aren't doing it anymore?! :-( well, if you want to do it i'll hook ya up.

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