Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Report

well, here is the surplice i've been workign on in Needful Geranium. The yarn has more stretch in person than in my swatch and it's only several sizes larger than i anticipated. the pattern is being emmended, i'll knit it up again in my size.

i was up late working on more swatches for the shrug i've been working on. the Dale Svale knits BEAUTIFULLY! even if it isn't used for this project it's going into production on something. I co-opted one of the Fleece Artist Celtic Cardigan kits for this project. The scotian silk is nice to work with, it's got a lot of body. my third swatch is drying, once it's done i only have a little math left and then it's going to the needles. i woun't bother you with snapshots of swatches, it doens't make for exciting photography.

Friday Freebies

Chair Seat

Scrap Rug

Bunny Love

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