Friday, March 23, 2007

hi guys!

sorry i've been awol, i've missed ya! actually, i didn't go anywhere, i've been here all along. the big sale wiped me out briefly. it was great, we sold EVERYTHING we wanted to, plus some. the store is so clean & organized! we'll have to make it an annual thing. the basement is tidy too, but my desk is still abysmal ... tee-hee!

after the sale i dug in and started working on spring things, mostly designing some exclusive patterns for the store. the first is this little fitted boatneck raglan pullover in misti cotton-silk. i haven't blocked it yet, i'll get to that tonight and finalize things tomorrow. the pattern will be sold exclusively with the yarn. the textile was a little idiosyncartic so it's not a pattern i advise subing another yarn for. the yarn was really nice to work with, super soft!


MezzoDiva said...

Very simple, yet pretty. Mmmm... cotton/silk. I will enjoy knittting that.

2D Girl said...

Very, very lovely!