Saturday, December 02, 2006

feeling seasonal

what i want for hanukah: - store shelves. got em! - store pom-pom garlands. done that! - kick ass in the family gift wrapping contest. in progress. - make pom-pom garlands for the store. not a realistic ojective, i'm ambitious, i want the whole perimiter festooned! festooned! - cbc retro 70s t-shit royal blue size lg. i've wanted this for over a year, next time i'm down there i'll have to pick it up. - season 1 & season 2 of BBC doctor who on DVD or CD. i asked my bro if he could download it for me. - snow. seems to be a bit around today. - maybe make more pom-pom swags for the store. they really are festive. - finally finish a hat for myself. gonna need it soon.

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