Saturday, January 08, 2011

More Sweater-Along Deliberations

OK, I have a few more things for my sweater-along cooking.  In general, I'm looking to make a boat-neck made in the round from the top down, ideally with set-in sleeves.  Not that that exists, it might have to be slapped together from a few models. 

Option 3
I really like this sweater, but I don't know if I'm feeling collared right now. Also, I'll have to order the yarn (although, currently it's leaning towards that anyway). 

Oceanic Mix 6285 & 4285

Option 4
I'm not in the mood for a v-neck, but otherwise this pattern is great. It's a top-down knit knit the round, and has really cool sleeves that puff at the bottom.  Maybe I'll use it as a skeleton and adjust the neckline. Although, if the neckline goes, the cuffs will need to be adjusted too.

Delphine, from  Verena Fall 2010, in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine (colour Oceanic)
I just really like the collar on this one, but I think the middle will be too bulky on me. 

Under Consideration ....
Elemental Pullover, from Knitting 24/7, in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light (colour Peat Mix)
I can also use a turtle neck to go with jeans for the long, cold winter. This one is knitted in the round, but from the bottom up. To make sure my sweaters are long enough, I use a provisional cast on, so I can go back at the end and lengthen it if needed. 

Peat Mix 4277

For Later ....
This is more of a spring sweater for me, I'm considering making it in either pea soup or turquoise. 

Pea Soup Mix 1275 and Turquoise Mix 1294

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Haley said...

It's bottom up, but otherwise seems to meet your needs: Buckwheat by Vera Valimaki. Good luck with your search for the perfect sweater to knit.