Thursday, January 20, 2011

Log Cabin Baby Blanket - in the home stretch!

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I'm in the home stretch baby!  My Log Cabin Baby Blanket is almost done, I only have some ends to weave in and FINITO! Which is a good thing, 'case the baby arrived 2 days ago. I'll take a better picture when the thing is all done. 

Post Script
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I'm an autie now!  A great big baby girl arrived on Tuesday, 8lbs & 11oz. She's pretty big, chubby and long, and pretty. 

Addenda: 40 minutes later
Weaving in ends while listening to classical music is SO BORING!  I am determined to get this done today and will persevere, but OMG!  Working from the centre out is getting tedious, so I've resorted to an old childhood cleanup-game, where you put everything away that is red, then blue, then orange, etc. I'm starting by weaving in all the dark grey ends, and then see if it's a little more stimulating.

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