Tuesday, September 01, 2009

project update

it's september but the weather is still undecided, so we're exploring the Dream in Color Classy right now and i think we'll move to the Malabrigo Chunky next. i have ideas for it :-)

I am working on a February Baby Sweater:

the pattern is simple enough, but not the way it is written.  kudos to the 3276 people on ravelry who have made it.  that said, as i go i'm editing the pattern for easy comprehension.  i have just gotten to the part where i separate for the arms and have to stop and figure out what i'm doing. i should also consult a very useful tutorial before i proceed. paying attention - blech. but i must get this done because i went to H & M yesterday and the new fall produce (because, for me, good sweaters have the seduction of ripe fruit) is inspiring me to work on some new fall designs. i would like to browse the fall shows on style.com, but i will get my work done and resign myself to the satisfationg of crossing things off my to-do list. maybe my next post will be a list of wooly trends for this fall?

Liane is working on Ma Belle from Dream in Color. this is theirs:

and here is ours in Petal Shower:

and liane finished te sample for her  upcoming class Knitting in Colour Workshop: Slip-Stitch Welcome Mat (sept 15 & 22).

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