Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Post Stitch 'n Pitch

stitch n pitch swag by you.

here's my stitch n pitch swag, post swaps with others at the game.  there was plenty of acrylic flying through the air - literally -  but there was also my kind of stuff. there was TONS of yarn this year, i don't think attendance was what they expected.  in addition to the loot bags the organizers were throwing yarn into the crowd. 

Good things included the Mission Falls 136 in the picture above, Kertzer gave away 100g balls of their 'on your toes' sock yarn in some very bright colours, Soak sent some packets,
Diamond Yarns gave away a little bit of alpaca, and some of the Lana Grossa pattern books from Estelle Designs were really nice (the one with the brunette with the bangs on the cover is GREAT!).

people got a little crazy and a little greedy because of all the free stuff flying all over the place, but nobody got physical. one lady left with 30 balls of some kind of shiny railroad yarn and everyone was giving her the evil eye, thinking "how dare she", but the stuff was not attractive and is very difficult to knit with, so i don't begrudge her new stash. i received a ball of the exact same yarn in my loot-bag and had a hard time giving it away. 

unfortunately, i missed the speed knitting contest at the start. i'm still not sure how much we would have seen from our seats. there were some very nice people sitting in front of us with a really cute little boy, Joshua. he kept trying to catch a ball of yarn with his little-kid baseball mit but we were sitting in a 'blind spot' and the yarn-pitchers didn't get anything to him. i finally scored an extra ball of acrylic and threw it to him. he was so sweet! 

tulips by you.

This is what i made last night at stitch n pitch, a Tulips baby cardigan for the store. the colours have not been working out the way i had hoped and i have been re-jigging them, originally i had included Spring Tickle and Go-Go grassy. i'm not as happy with this combo but it is still very cute and the sweater will look great. i'll oder some more colours this week.

minkim by you.

Not related to to stitch n pitch, but we finished the cotton MinKim this week!
it looks great in the Mission Falls Cotton. I especially like the subtlety of Dusk 771 and Coastal 773 (above).


Allyeggpop said...

Oh, I'm jealous! You came away with beautiful stuff! We brought stuff to swap, but people didn't get into it like last year. We ended up giving all our stuff away! Too bad you missed the speed knitting, the rest of the stadium must of been wondering what the heck that was about!!

The Lee Family said...

The little sweater turned out beautifully! It was so lovely to meet you and I'm looking forward to stopping in at your store next time we're in TO. You really helped to make Joshua's night a special one - I even blogged about it here:

sorry you missed the speed knitting contest - with the speed at which you stitched that little sweater you probably could have won it!

Anonymous said...

You obviously know someone because they kept the Mission Falls on the downlow. In fact, so down and so low that I saw it under a table while I was collecting my 'adventures in acrylic' bag. Oh and the throwing of the yarn was in a very specific direction, ironically where all the throwers pals were sitting.

I noticed the lady with the bags; I gave her the evil eye as well but that's just because being tacky and greedy at the same time is a bit much.

Hopefully somebody else will be running the show next year.