Thursday, September 17, 2009

dress the dolls

have you ever noticed the dolls at the goodwill or value village? the 12"dolls (brand name omitted because it is proprietary, but you know the type, she's been involved with Ken for years) are strung up naked, in clear plastic bags, looking like they've been raped and dumped in the river.  it just makes me want to save them and knit little cardigans for them (well, at least the ones who still possess nice hair and all of their limbs).

this lady came with all her clothes, but she wasn't dressed for an interminable canadian winter. i originally got her for my friend's daughter (not to worry, i am not THAT cheap, they are down with second hand toys and this one had barely been touched), but her hair was so nice and curly that i was not able to let her go.

i am thinking about making this into a window display and then an art exhibition. a dress the dolls project.

dear me, after all these years, have i finally found a rationale to play with dolls again. jeepers, this could be bad ....

by the way, if anyone can come up for a euphemism for the doll's brand name, please let me know. every time i avoid using it i feel like i'm writing a CSIS (like the CIA, except Canadian and therefore it is also doll sized) report. she was Malibu Stacey on the Simpsons, but i don't know if that will work ... "dress the maibu stacey project".

Doll pullover, knit in one piece, in Dream in Color Classy. everyone needs a cozy sweater to get them through a long canadian winter.


Noneofyourbusiness. said...

I'm fresh out of ideas for code names, despite watching reruns of Alias all afternoon... but I did want to say that I love that sweater!!!

Sel and Poivre said...

How about "Bobbie"?

Anonymous said...

Maybe just "Fashion Doll"? I'd like to know where all the doll clothes go to. There doesn't seem to be many dressed dolls at thrift stores!

Yvette said...

Do it! I've been knitting 12" fashion doll clothes for several years now and it's damn fun. It's how I learned to cable! I have tons of patterns if you need them. I'd love to contribute a dress.