Friday, September 11, 2009

february baby sweater

i finished my february baby sweater last week. i cheated and knit the arms in the round.  it looks very cute. the yarn colour actually looks ok with the lace. but more importantly, i got to use some of my strange coloured vintage glass butttons.clearly, baby clothes are what odd colouured vintage buttons were made for. it only took 1 skein of dream in colour classy, not bad!

people have been commenting on the Dream in Colour yarn, saying that it is very well priced. well, that it was, becuase i accidentally priced it incorrectly, at the cost price.  so if you got it for $11.80, lucky you, but the price has now been adjusted to $22. 

good news, i got a sofa for the store!  i will post pictures tomorrow. it is a very nice sofa, which i have spent many hours cleaning with Eucalan.


Not ready for handspun said...

Very cute sweater! And at $22, the Dream in Color yarn is still well priced. It's lovely to knit.

Anonymous said...

cute should reference ken's babe as "eibrab" or "barbara"....either of those would be safe..