Sunday, September 27, 2009


boobie dolls by you.

why didn't i think of it sooner, they are 'Boobie' Dolls! thank you kristen.  on the left is wonder woman in an outfit made my michelle kissoore, the centre is one of liane's childhood boobie dolls, and on the right is curly sue, a chick i picked up at value village. i have taken to posing them around the store on fixtures and in the yarn.

so it turns out that i am actually playing with dolls. while i was at my aunt & uncle's house i pulled wonder woman out the try on the sweater below for fit, and it felt very awkward. i explained what i was up to, but i still felt weird to be dressing boobie dolls in public on my uncle's porch in suburban toronto. now, my family is fully used to my eccentric ways and a boobie doll didn't throw them, but i felt like a kid who's a bit too old to be playing with dolls but still does it on the sly. for years, whenever i find myself in a toy store or a store with a toy department i make a b-line to the boobie section to sublimate my affection. the real question is, now that i have a socially acceptable boobie outlet will i devolve into waylan smithers, editing boobie magazine and living in a boobie panorama?

barbie cardie by you.

this chick doesn't have  name yet, but she's sporting a brand new little cardie in koigu kpppm.  i'm very much enjoying making the boobie sweaters in nice merino sock yarn, if you have bits & bobs i would very much appreciate donations. I doubt it takes 10g of sock yarn. 

Dress The Boobies
c/o Knit-O-Matic
1378 Bathurst St
Toronto ON
M5R 3J1

if you would like to make clothes for my boobies i would be much obliged, i've got a few girls and boys who are nekkid and the chilly weather is almost upon us.  i'm going to restrict the outfits to natural fibres, so if you need some yarn just ask me. info (at) knitomatic (dot) com

tulip baby cardie mission falls 1824 wool by you.

i finished a tulips baby cardie in mission falls 1824 wool. i'll take a better photo on Wednesday, for now you'll have to settle for the blocking pic.  i decided to try the mission falls because i know a dream in colour kit might feel a bit costly for some people. the mission falls is soooooo soft, i could bury myself in it.


the captain said...

don`t feel bad aboot playing with toys. i`ve got a huge stash of dinosaurs at my desk at work that keep me company, although recently my boss told me i couldn`t keep them out.

Haley said...

oh captain, my captain! maybe we should dress your dinos?