Tuesday, October 06, 2009

tulips x 2

i was sick all last week with a plague and i'm trying to catch up now (i also had an assignment due in the class i'm taking at night). please bear with me, i was productive while i was out of it.

traditional tulips by you.

finito! the display pic of tulips in mission falls wool, as close to their prescribed colourway as possible. it looks ok, but i prefer color combinations with some design sensibility.

rusty tulips by you.

this one is old news, the pic is a week old and the orange at the bottom is long gone. this is a Tulips baby cardigan in rusty colours of mission falls wool (rusty tulips). i had issues with the 8th colour. first it was orange, then basil green, then pistachio green, and finally i settled on dijon green. i don't have any good light for photography right now but i'll get it up for you soon. it's actually almost finished, it just needs to be blocked and gt it's label. it'll become a kit tomorrow. i'm actually really happy with it, it looks great and it's also received a lot of compliments too!

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