Saturday, October 10, 2009


i'm thinking about halloween projects for the store, but i'm really not sure what suits my mood. there is a store-front down the street that has a bunch of super-cute little needle felted gosties haunting a dead tree.

ghosties by you.

ghosties 4 by you.

Here are a few ideas i'm throwing around for the store ..... i'm not really sure how i feel about this stuff. the things i've always liked about halloween are the candy and the opportunity to dress up like a sleaze.

i love a good voodoo doll for sure!

Gruesome Eyeballs
eyeballs are ok, but i prefer the drama of the spirit world over gore. still, quick & dirty.

Felted Skull
skulls are ok, memento mori and all. i could re-use them every year, and lynne would probably enjoy decorating her christmas tree with them in the off season.

who doesn't want a sqiud hat? i might just make one for my parents, just for the hell of it. it is guaranteed to be used, it'll be pulled out of the closet every time they have a friend over to their place for dinner, just like that dumb bob marley hat they got in morocco (it's a crocheted cap in rasta colours with straggly braids attached around the periphery) ... maybe i should make them an improved bob marey hat, with a big, full craneum and lots of luscious, crocheted dreads?

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