Thursday, October 22, 2009

new projects

OK, first off, you may enjoy a new podcast called MustStashYo (pronounced 'moustachio') from Cindy & Mat, the creative forces behind Studioloo and Manspun yarns. It's about fibre arts (Kniting & Spinning), moustaches, and telling stories. Cindy & Matt's perspective on fibre arts and their weekly projects and product pics are great, but what i really love are their stories! It's hard for them to suppress their rich inner lives and their podcast is exactly what it's like to hang out with them - which is fun, interesting and entertaining. I took them to the gym with me last night

i am feeling a little uninspired, but that's ok, everyone has flat moments. i've been keeping busy, working on things for the store and myself.

Finished Project: Candy Corn Hat in Malabrigo Chunky
first off, it is supposed to be whimsical, oversized and silly, so don't be jumpin' on me with all your pessimistic naysaying.  if you want a practical, normal fitting candy corn hat work 2.25" in yellow, 2.25" in orange and the rest in cream.

Finished Project: Lil' Devil Baby Hat
i made this for harlow, my little freind next door at Scratch. i don't often make stuff for people because i don't have tons of time but Harlow's lucky and caught me in the creative blahs. i was also thinking about halloween projects. i will try to get a pic of her  wearing the hat.

Ongoing Project 1: Rocketry in boy colours for the store
you must be so tired of looking at these, but i have to do them to make kits. Aside from that, they are fast & satisfying little projects.

parisian beret by you.

Ongoing Project 2: Parisian Beanie Beret (raspberry beret) for me
I don't know if this one is going to be a happy story. the ribbing is ok work, not really fun, but it's short. , the increase row between the ribbing and the body of the hat had me counting down the number of stitches left because my hands hurt. the following row (1st row of the chart) is also brutal to work. hopefully this is because i am changing from a 4mm to a 6mm needle and the following rows with cable twists will be easier. Thus far i'm recommending the pattern for the hard core knitter with great dexterity.

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