Friday, September 30, 2011

Pussy Cat Hat and Sundry

Hi!  Five big boxes just came through the door, so I will have to make this a quickie update kind of blog post. 

I have ween working on little bits and bobs projects, nothing very distinct and nothing with new pictures. :-(

I just cast on for a Pussy Cat Hat for my niece, Lucy.  I think little kids are obligated to wear cute hats with ears, it's only fair. Anyway, this one is more of a balaclava, and hopefully it will keep her toasty and all of her adults entertained.  I'm using Dream in Color Classy in the pale pink, Petal Shower.

It is a vintage pattern from an old Beehive booklet, and I think the pattern changed depending on the edition of the book. My version calls for 4.5mm needles and a worsted weight yarn. Regardless, I have of course already started making modifications. the 1x1 ribbing is becoming 2x2 ribbing, and not as wide. Similarly, the neck will be a 2x2 rib, and I'll knit it in the round if possible, rather than flat and seamed. 

I suppose once the hat is done Lucy will get to start her knitwear modeling carreer!  Lucky you, she's pretty cute :-)

1. I pulled my Hourglass Sweater out of storage and lengthened the arms and body.  Lucky for me I knit it from the top-down!  I originally had anticipated the yarn would drape because of the alpaca content, but the Berroco Ultra Alpaca is actually extremely stable. It stretches remarkably in the width and holds it shape, but it does not stretch down in length. If anything, I thing it might have sprung up a little.  

The picture above is the old one, but I don't know if it would make a difference. I'll have to take a new one with the sweater on me, it really looks better with a real, live body inside of it. 

My Evaluation of Berroco Ultra Alpaca:

  • does not drape lengthwise
  • elastic possiblities widthwise
  • good for all kinds of projects that require a yarn with body
  • especially suitable for garments the require zero or negative ease
  • hand wash in Eucalan
  • knit top-down, or cast on provisionally with scrap yarn and finish ribbing/bands/cuffs last.
Look at how much I have written!  I guess I must be procrastinating a bit ... ;-)

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