Thursday, October 06, 2011

Pussy Cat Ballaclava

This is the only time you are going to see me in a kitty hat. Well, it's on the internet, so i guess you can look as long as you like, but this is the only kitty hat you will see me in!

I finished the Pussy Cat Hat (balaclava) that I was making for my niece, but the sizing is not quite right. It's not the pattern's fault, before I embarked I reviewed the notes on the projects on Ravelry and they tended to say that the sizing was small. But the pattern has be republished several times over the years and my version must have been updated and corrected. So I'll give it another try, this time with a thinner yarn (sport weight I think).

I'm also not sure if the Dream in Color Classy is soft enough. My 8 month old niece is practically bald, and this hat is going to be covering a lot of exposed skin. I'll wash it in Eucalan and see. 

This is the front ......

And this is the back.

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