Friday, September 23, 2011

Mohair Cowl

I have a finished project to show off in these first days of fall - yay me!  Over the weekend I finished off my Mohair Cowl.  I loved working with the mohair so much I immediately wound up another skein in grey for a new project. Then the weather got warm and I lost my mohair mojo. Now it's raining and I feel the mo-mojo creeping back. 

 I was originally thinking about a capelet with a cowl neck, but now I don't know. I wonder if mohair legwarmers would look strange?  They could be wild, the fuzziness could create a funky furry quality around the ankles.  They may not wear well, though ..... just thinking out loud. ;-)

Anyway, the trinity stitch is beautiful, I love it and it was easy to knit!  I felt the ribbing was too wide and narrowed it a bit because it'll stretch with time. I also knit quite a bit more of the pattern stitch, lengthening the cowl. My modifications are in the project notes on Ravelry.

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