Friday, September 24, 2010

Cascade Eco Duo Slouchy Hat

Tah-dah! All done! (Liane is very good at that). Above I'm modelling our newly finished store sample 9sorry to subject you to the zittle on my chin, I do not yet  know how to paint that out), a Slouchy Hat/Beret using Cascade Eco Duo.  Interestingly, it stripes up a little! I expect the colourways with less contrast also stripe up less noticeably. Another interesting thing, it is really, really comfortable to wear.  Like, not just soft, or smooshy, of lascivious, but comfortable. After I was done taking the pictures I didn't want to take it off - and it's 30 degrees Celsius today (for you Americans that means Hot).  Maybe Liane really enjoyed knitting with the yarn and all that happy energy was knitted into the hat?  Either way i'm going to have to make one for myself this fall. 

Another thing, it wasn't too hot. Things made with 100% alpaca tend to be very warm, which is great for those very cold Canadian days, but gets a little sweaty otherwise. The blend in this yarn is very smart, because the 30% merino wool makes just the right difference. 

A small caveat - we made some minor modifications on the pattern. We omitted the texture pattern around the crown (top of head), and omitted the button flap. Easy peasy. We also went down a needle size to 4.5 & 5.5mm.  And that's about the size of where you put your eyes!

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