Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bike Update

Hallooo!  I am sorry I have not seen you for a week, I'm still adjusting to "going back to work". Every year I think I'm going ready to get busy again, bot I never am. I'm still in summer mode and don't really want to leave it yet. Me so laaaazy!  

Anyway, here is a picture of the most recent incarnation of the Not Really Knitted Bicycle.  I'm having problems with the title, because it was supposed to be "The Knitted Bike", but it has not turned out to be knitted, but is crocheted.  I know that art doesn't need to be predetermined, but it seems that if you don't give a project a good name from the outset the title gets bungled all the way along. 

The bike's reception has been excellent. When I am working outside on it people stop and tell me how much they are enjoying it. When I am inside they wave, give me the thumbs up, or just pet it. 

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