Friday, September 17, 2010

Araucania Coliumo Hat

Not another inane hat post!?  Yes, another. And I'm not going to stop until you smarten up and fly right. I'm kidding, you fly fabulous! You're the best flier ever! Your flying skills are unsurpassed! But I am going to keep posting the boring hats. Also, sorry about the photo, the light was very soft that day. 

Anyway, this one was made with Araucania Coliumo, and worked out very, very, very nice.  It is a very soft wool & silk, so it's got some drape to it, but it is also bulky .  The hat was way too big for me, which means it should fit you if you'd like to come in and try it on. :-)

After browsing Ravelry, I rather like this version of a hat from Drops made with the same yarn. it takes advantage of the inherent drape.  

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