Monday, August 09, 2010

Playing with Noro

I'm sorry I've been very lazy the last two weeks and didn't make time for you. I guess it is a summer thing, what with all the heat here, but it also took a little time to recover from organizing Stitch 'n Pitch (which seems to have gone very nicely). Regardless, I apologize for being lax. 

I have actually been knitting away, in the interim, it takes a lot to stop these hands.  Above is a most recent FO, a Noro Striped Pillow for the store. I`ve never made a pillow before, despite the fact that I have always admired them and wanted to make one. Sometimes I just need to try something new and see how it feels - keeps things interesting.  Also, we got a new table and chairs and home decor ( or homey retail decor) went to the top of my priorities.  Also, I had some Noro Blossom in my stash that needed to be used. Yes, yarn store owners have stashes. It became an exercise in creativity. The above pillow is the first, and granted, the regular striping isn`t very creative. I`m working on logistics, size and fit, and the next one that is already on the needles is a little more interesting. BTW, the contrast yarn is Lana Grossa Baby Kid (held double), a very soft mohair-microfiber blend, made in Italy. The yarn was chosen to compliment the texture of the Noro Blossom, and also because it was sitting on the sale shelf. 

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