Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I finished the Rocketry Baby Cardigan and the kit for it today! With my revisions the sweater looks great! I could have made the increases look prettier but I did not want to make the kit overly complicated and of course the sample has to match the product for sale. I also managed to get the kits finished too! It is the most comprehensive kit I've created. I've tried to provide as much information as possible on the label so clients can grab it and go up to the cottage/on a plane, etc. I also included both of the patterns, the original from Dream in Color, and my revised version. Now I must turn my attentions to the Tulips Baby Cardigan, again revised because I know that most people are uneasy with colours like peach and bile yellow, but also because of the taboo against dressing a boy in pink or purple. I think I have devised the colour scheme and I'm going to set out and test it tonight.

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