Saturday, June 06, 2009

seriously, are you kidding!?

i have a miserable cold. all runny nose, sore throat and generally feeling hung over. before leaving work i started seaming the pieces of the babette blanket together, i was at block 3 when i left work. i brought all of the pieces home with me tonight, figuring that being sick was an excellent opportunity to seam it all up.  i just pulled it out and what should be missing? block 4. the thing is put together log cabin style, i don't think i can do any more tonight. mo-fo! the stupid thing must be on the table at work. i wish i had a car, i would drive back there and kick it's ass!

p.s. thanks to all the people who visited on the TTC knitalong today!  you were all so nice, the best group ever! :-)

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Anne said...

It's a weird world - we showed up together on a google search - but my edge is singular!!