Saturday, June 07, 2008

this is a real blog update...

... not just hawking my immense talent ;-)

pattern in progress ... a supposedly easy raglan surplice (crossover) sweater in Mission Falls 1824 Cotton (colour 771 Dusk). Patterns are easy to write in a specific sizing group, but ranging from petite to plus is challenging, everything works differently , the proportions don't adjust evenly, especially when it comes to diagonals. by the time i am done making it will be easy-peasy for you guys.

making patterns seems to agree with me, i'm not getting bored, the math is good for the mind and the creativity is good for the soul.
ongoing construction is fascinating me. the middle of the street is being dug up (illustrated below).

Under the concrete and pavement are old, moldering wooden ties which support the streetcar tracks ... looking at these things you get a good idea why they have to do the construction.

The old wood is collected. where does it go? i don't know, the mouldy old gross wood fairy picks them up and takes them away to tree heaven.

The concrete is separated from the wood and iron rails and is scooped up and dumped in the big blue bins.

they dump regardless of pedestrians walking by, it's a little disquieting having a big block of concrete dumped a few metres away from your head.

A big jack-hemmer attachment is added to the digger and the concrete is separated from the iron rails. it's kinda phallic.

the cool green iron ties that match the store will unfortunately replace the wood, supporting the rails buried under the concrete. a green street would be funky.

..... and the cycle of life goes on

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