Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thank You for the Good Vibes!

wow, i love people! thank you for the supportive comments, they have a magical quality. mean people suck but my faith in humanity is restored. well, it was never really lost, just eroded, but you've definitely helped to buttress it and maybe even make it stronger.

The gooey brownie was reeeeeaaaalllly good, but it didn't do the rick. some friendly custoemrs came in before closing, but that didn't do it. pluto gave me kisses, which is always good, but didn't do it. i went to gym after work and had a good workout, and that was good for me but didn't really get me back to baseline. i went to the green room, sat down and ordered a big platter of nachos and a quesedilla and my favourite peach juice. the waittress gave me the fish eye for ordering so much without even glancing at the menu, which made me laugh and helped a bit. all i'd eaten that day was the latte & brownie and getting something in my stomach helped a bit. my boyfriend met me to eat 3/4 of the food i ordered, and that's did the trick. withing 5 minutes of john's sitting down i'd forgotten all about it.

so i guess when people are the problem people are also the solution. and laughing. we went for a stroll along the college street corso after our pig-out. i had the best gelato i've had since i lived in Italy at Dolce Cafe at College & Montrose. I highly recommend! It's pretty, comfortable, friendly, has WiFi, the pastries look great, and the gelto is .... transcendant. i could sit there all day in a fantasy world and pretend i'm back in Siena strolling to Nannini every night and then hanging out in the campo.

but coming in to your comments today makes a huge difference. i love knitting and crocheting and all the other fibre arts that i don't have time to partake in. i volunteer for these things because i like helping other people get the same enjoyment from it. i also do it because for whatever cultural reason it is very hard to connect with people in Toronto. but life is about relationships, connections with other people is what we need most. i suppose i do it to make the world the kind of place i want to live in. as long as i know that the work is making a difference to people like you i'm happy to leave the mean people to their dark little world and find some compassion for them.

later gator! gotta go make some magic happen :-)

P.S. Happy Gay Pride Weekend Everyone! John lives in that neighbourhood and the streets have already been blocked off and preparations are well under way. Looks like it's going to be a AMAZING party! i like a nice party, we should do it more. r

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