Friday, June 06, 2008

scenes from a birthday

Thursday May 29th, 5pm....
Suffering from an over abundance of humility and absent minded creativity it is brought to my attention that the festivites taking place are in fact a surprise party. It was a success, I had no clue. Not even the cake tipped me off.

Below, and unrelated to the event, Ramona finds an excellent new use for Addi Lace needles. See my flickr photo stream for more more views. I'm curious, has this coiff been documented before?

Marla and Shelna entertained us with full contact pregnant sumo wrestling, which entails standing tummy to tummy and letting the babies kick the crap out of each other.

Lynne doesn't like having her photo taken but she adores her one of a kind Pac-Man hand spun yarn from Studio-Loo. I hear miss pac-man is on the books.

Friday May 30th

Waiting for dear boyfrined (dbh?), i visit winners at college park and explore. the place is very picked over and the Teenflo dess I manage to dig up on the clearance rack is a size 2. wandering in to the children's section, what should i find ....

Biblical Barbies! "Tales of Glory"Jesus, Mary & Queen Esther (old testament). Even better, they are talking barbies! Push a button on their backs and they cite scripture! Each doll has 5 citations from their own books of the bible. I liked Mary the best, her scripture was of a gentle nature.

it doesn't look like it would be a ton of fun to change their clothes and do their hair.

they don't come with any jewellery, little shoes (i love the shoes) or hair accessories. But she doesn't even come with a hamintaschen or any other Purim paraphenalia. And don't even start me on her anachronistic appearance. Esther was a Persian Jew, this chick is s pallid ashkenaz .... she actually bears a resemblance to my friend Marilyn.
But check out the body on Jesus Ken!
Religious Barbies seem to have an inverse reltionship to the secular ones, because there was only one Jesus Ken doll left on the shelf while there are plenty of the girls on the shelf.

i love winners. :-)

Later that Afternoon ...
i went to a starbucks for an hour, scored a comfy chair, knitted...

and entertained the people sittitng next to me while i took photos of my work.

Later that night i went to my parents house for shabbat dinner. my brother & his girlfriend gave me a bunch of beauty products from The Green Beaver, my aunt gave me a a planter of herbs and my mom made TWO pies so i could pig out on my birthday and everyone could still get their share. pie was enjoyed and i really like the green beaver grapefruit facial cleanser and eye makeup remover ! Lee says yuo can get them at the health food store on davenport at ossington.

and now i'm 35 years alive.


Lisa said...

Hee, hee. Even I knew it was a surprise party and I'm all the way on the other side of the country! So glad you had a lovely birthday. Love, love, love the belly shot of Marla and Shelna!

2D Girl said...

Great entry! Love those religious barbies - extra weird!