Saturday, October 13, 2007


another cashmere hat
i can't stand not having a photo for my projects on ravelry. it's like the thing doesn't exist. {that's a very metaphysical comment. kinda shamanistic. i should talk about that with my old art history friends or my supervisor about that .... sorry, thinking while typing. none of you reading will care too much about my ruminations of the meaning of images, and the knitters i know who would should be busy finishing their theses/books.} consequently, i've been taking boring pictures of my projects in progress; skeins of yarn, 6 rounds of knitting, etc.

i'm on my 4th cashmere hat. {by the time i'm done i'll be able to mount an art installation titled 100 hats and a mouse. probably only my mom & brother will get the joke. i grew up with lots of art in the house including a print 100 cats and a mouse. it was the 80s, we had lots better.} i knitted the above last night in under 2 hours while i was at michelle's 39th birthday party. i gave michelle the latest magazines as a gift. they were sitting in front of her all evening, both of our eyes kept drifting over to them again and again. more interesting than people talking about kids & schools & beer.

here's my latest creation in the making. misti alpaca, going to be a sweater. i'm thinking about revising the Gaia silk tank, changing the shape.

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Kristina B said...

Your project page on Ravelry looks great so far! I can't comment on the meaning of images (or lack thereof) - well, I could but it wouldn't really be an informed commentary). My background educationally is in words, not images, and so for me the discourse is a bit inverted (as though someone were to post photos on the projects page without explanatory language... equally confusing, I think).

I know in a sense what you mean about "boring pictures" and have gotten into that a bit too much on my own blog... works-in-progress and all that. I'm not sure why, partly because I can't take a photo to save my life! People seem to like these work-in-progress photos, I don't know.

Now I'm rambling. I partly wanted to let you know that nerdy ol' me sent photos to Handmaiden of my FOs and some of them are now posted on her blog, including your Gaia, with a credit to you, for what it's worth. :-) I must say to you that I just love that top and have actually had requests from some of the co-workers to make it for them (I am very selfish in my knitting time, and so have told them that they should visit you and learn how to knit it themselves ... hee hee hee). I'm trying to come up with a couple of my own designs now (I should never have posted that dress I wore to your yarn swap on my blog, in retrospect) and am fully appreciating your talent in making designs.

Will look forward to seeing the 2nd generation Gaia... and other future designs of yours!