Wednesday, October 10, 2007

i'm sorry i've been absent lately, i've been feeling so lethargic.! anyway, you know where to find me, just poke me on facebook.

so i finally made it to ravelry and i'm a little obsessed: my screen name is knitomatic, what else?! it's very fun to browse through projects & patterns.

i finished the iro shawl collar jacket last sunday. it's big, more of a shawl collar coat. the arms are way too long. i'm letting them hang for a few days and get a big stretch before i shorten them. the seaming was tedious but relatively simple. i put it on, it's too stripey, too much colour, too granola. it reminds me of the long sweater coats worn by woody allen's cerebral upper west side ex-wives in his movies from the 70s (worn with a turtle neck, really chunky bead necklace and huge glasses. she's always writing a novel deconstructing their failed marriage. you know, the foil to the young free spirited lolita he'll chase and then lose). it will be gifted. i always forget that i like to knit a kaleidiscope but i can't stnd wearing it. it's ok, i have people who are due special gifts.

in my spare time i've been working on my hanukah gifts: cashmere hats this year. i'm on my third.

and i've been working on a new pattern in misti worsted alpaca. i started with the hand painted blues & greens (ez02) but i've been getting sea sick looking at it so i'm switching to a heathered solid dark olive green. no, i'm NOT pregnant! anyway, in light of my recent distaste for uber colour i figure maybe i should go simple.

i've been thinking about making an
ysolda gretel for myself or michelle. maybe in the handmaiden 2 ply cashmere silk (hold strands together)? or a stitch diva parisian beanie beret?

i have to go research baby elf shoes for anita. also, looking at the sea sick yarn on the screen is making me queasy.

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Alysia said...

oh wow, I love the coat, it's so pretty :)