Friday, October 12, 2007

for reasons unknown to me nobody seems to have time to come in, so i'll update the blog. i'm feel guilty about the time i'm putting into ravelry, i feel like i'm cheating on the blog.

i finished another toque and am about to wind the next skein.

yesterday i dyed some cash iroha a green-blue i've been really into with dylon in the microwave. i'm really happy with it, i'm just waiting for it to dry.

the seaming, but it's turned out to be really nice, not at all like seaming a sweater. it's much easier, mattress stitch works really beautifully, and it's pretty zen. i was itching do you remember my babette blanket that i started last year? well last fall i made all the squares but then i found putting them together daunting (there was a full bankers box of squares) so i put it in hibernation. i made it initially because my cheap duvet doesn't keep me warm and i needed something extra for winter nights. it's getting cold and the blanket is back! i've started laying out the squares on my living room floor. i don't have enough space to do the whole thing at once (the space between the squares takes up a lot of extra room). i was avoidingto bring it in to work today to do some but i really have to keep everything together and as it is laid out and it just wasn't going to travel well. once i've got the pieces together in large blocks maybe i'll bring it to work. i have so many squares, i may have made too many, i may have enough for a throw left over.

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